A COVID Update


Dear Patient,

The end of the present COVID-19 pandemic is not clear, but it will end. We may refer to life as pre- and post-COVID for some time to come. Those periods will look and feel quite different.

As a Hunterdon Cardiovascular and Vein Institute patient, your safety and health are our top priorities. We are doing everything possible to keep you safe when you visit our practice now and in the future. As we plan for the post-COVID pandemic phase, we will continue to take every precaution.

We are taking all necessary measures to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible. We are implementing safety practices, such as limiting the number of patients in our waiting rooms and sanitizing throughout the day. We also have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for our entire staff as well as each patient.

Many patients who require medical attention have voluntarily, and understandably, stayed away from doctors’ offices and emergency departments out of fear of exposure to COVID-19. However, many of our patients with chronic conditions may be endangering their health by avoiding care. Chronic conditions may worsen by not receiving appropriate treatment.

Research has shown that after hurricanes Sandy and Maria (Puerto Rico), lack of access to healthcare led to worsening healthcare outcomes for patients with chronic healthcare needs. We are committed to doing everything possible to prevent that outcome.

Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates is preparing to see patients in our three locations. Please monitor our Facebook page or visit our website for updates regarding office visits, patient safety, testing and all hospital service-related information. You may also call our office at (908) 788-1710.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

In good health,

The Vein Institute and Staff