I have been coming to TVIH for several years. I arrived with unsightly leg veins that prevented me from wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. After several treatments at the Vein Institute, I am so pleased with the results. My legs feel and look better than they have in years. Thanks to Dr. T, Ladan and the entire staff of TVIH.

After several visits, Ladan helped to fix an unusual vein/hemangioma caused by a steroid injection. Several treatments resulted in a much improved appearance and comfort level for what was an unusual and difficult problem to address.

Everyone in the office, from stepping in the office escorted to the room, the services that I received was so easy and pleasant. The personal service from everyone in the office and the doctor was the best. I am so pleased with how my legs look and feel. I highly recommend the Vein Institute of Hunterdon.

For years I had bulging veins and pain. Since having the procedure my legs look great and have not had the constant pain since.

Regarding my procedure, the entire staff was professional, very informative and most of kind and reassuring. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need. A+++ Outstanding indeed!

It’s a miracle!!! – was my reaction as I looked at my legs upon awakening the morning after my procedure. The swelling in my legs and feet was gone. I had not seen them look normal for almost two years and I was elated. I could hardly wait to tell the doctor and his staff. Sure, I was skeptical of a phlebectomy at first. I had never heard of it, I was afraid of the unknown but I was desperate. Dr. Tonnessen and his staff explained everything, and I had total confidence in them. I experienced everything he said I would – a pinch, some glue, no stitches and a band aid. I drove myself to and from the institute and even went to the gym that day for my daily workout. I highly recommend.

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