Since my treatment of my removal with both legs, the appearance has improved greatly. No more bulging veins and less pain. I have lost 8 pounds since they have been removed! I can walk longer periods at a time because they do not ache or feel tired. I will use my support hose when needed for exercise but that is all.

Let me start of by saying that I am over the moon happy with the results from the care that I received at TVIH. What I thought was a cosmetic fix actually turned out to be a fixing a medical issue. I had no idea that my legs would feel and look 1000% better after my treatments. Everyone there treats you with great care. This is something that I should have done way sooner. I am more than satisfied with my treatments and care. My recommendation if you are considering this but hesitate, go for it!

I would not have wanted a doctor or team less experienced to do the procedures. Their competence put me at excel.

After experiencing 2 DVT’s and Night Cramps in my legs, along with Bulging veins in calves, I decided it was time to see a vein specialist. I stayed within it Hunterdon Health and came to see Dr. Tonnessen. Amazing Doctor! Amazing Staff! Amazing results! Would recommend this facility to anyone experiencing vein related issues.

Most Professional and Health Staff. Highly recommend Doctors in the field. The results were nothing short of a miracle for me. Both in Health and Appearance. He was up to eery recommended and promise. I would not have any other Doctor in the field than Doctor Tonsessen.

I came to the Vein Institute to get my veins taken care and make pain go away. I had a great experience with the Doctor and the Staff, very friendly. Special thanks to Dr. Glen Tonnessen and Ladan Abbasi for doing such a great job! Making the pain go away and making my leg look great. Thank you all so much!

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