Join Us for a Free Seminar

February 16, 2017 Hunterdon Medical Center Auditorium 6:00pm – 7:00pm Learn more about the treatment of varicose veins from Dr. Glen Tonnessen, Board Certified Cardiovascular Physician at The Vein Institute of Hunterdon. A free vein screening will be performed after the presentation by Dr. Tonnessen and Ladan Abbasi, APN. The event is open for all to attend, or you […]

Show Off Your Legs This Spring

Spring 2 months away? How can that be? With warmer weather ahead, shorts, skirts and bathing suits aren’t far behind. Some of us never want to show our legs, no matter how warm it gets! Let this be the summer you finally feel comfortable with how your legs look and feel. Varicose and spider veins can often […]

At The Vein Institute of Hunterdon

At The Vein Institute of Hunterdon, we pride ourselves, not only in our treatments of vein disorders but also our ability to record and showcase our patients’ amazing results. For this, we have partnered with RxPhoto, the premier medical photography software solution for vein treatments. Before and after photos allow patients to visualize the results […]

Why It is So Important to Treat Your Vein Problems

When you have a minor problem with veins in your legs, you might be tempted to delay treatment – but this could actually backfire. The longer you wait, the more time there is for vein problems to worsen. The sooner you see a specialist, the sooner you can get your condition diagnosed and treated. How […]

Why Exercise Is Good for Vein Problems

Anyone who deals with varicose veins—or the similar, smaller version known as spider veins—knows how frustrating vein problems can be. These twisted, bulging veins can throb, burn, itch, cramp or even swell. Often they require medical treatment. For the one in four American adults who have varicose veins, there are frequently accompanying issues, like skin […]

How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Varicose Veins

Twisted, gnarled, dilated and/or puffy, varicose veins are known for being unsightly, not to mention painful. Anyone who’s dealt with these veins can attest to the overall discomfort of burning, itching, cramping and throbbing that’s associated with having them on the body. That’s why, for many people, the biggest question about varicose veins is knowing […]

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